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Founded in 2000, the Destination Santé Press Agency is an active member of the FFAP (French Press Agency Federation) which includes SAPHIR (French Photographic Press and News Agencies Association), SAPIG (French Press Agencies Association) and SATEV (French Televised News Agencies Association).

Like all press agencies, the Destination Santé agency is governed by the Order of 2 November 1945, amended by Act 2012-387 of 22 March 2012: simplification of the law and easing of administrative procedures.

The feed content we provide to our subscriber publications, posted online at www.agence-destinationsante.com, is written by journalists who hold the Professional Press Card issued by the CCJIP (French Professional Press Card Commission). All are specialist editors. Our work is produced in line with the recommendations of members of the Destination Santé Press Agency Scientific Board. Prior to publication, it receives internal approval from the Editor in Chief and Director of Publication.

Founders : Marc Gombeaud, Martine Jomin

Shareholders : Agence de presse Destination Santé

President : Stéphane Elgozi

Executive assistant : Catherine Bert

Writing, translation and adaptation :

Editor in Chief : Emmanuel Ducreuzet

Editorial team : Laura Bourgault, David Picot, Vincent Roche, Dominique Salomon, Alayne Pullen (Christchurch, UK) and Micheline Basbous (Beirut, Lebanon)

Commercial services :

Commercial director : Nadège Poligné

Marketing & Communication : Florence Grassin

Web development : Eluère Digital

Destinationsante.com sarl au capital de 25 000 euros

SIRET 521 378 190 000 16 TVA FR 76 521 378 190 000 16 APE 6391Z

Technoparc de l’Aubinière – 1, Impasse des Tourmalines – BP 23859 – F-44338 Nantes cedex 3 France – Tél : +332 51 13 48 88 – Fax : +332 51 13 48 89

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