Clean hands without using soap or water

[23 September 2005 - 00h00]

Cleaning gels for hands – they really work! This has been demonstrated in an American study testing this type of product among 300 families. Followed by the observation of a sharp drop in the proliferation of germs in their homes.

Dr Thomas Sandora and his colleagues in Boston conducted their study among large families. “The ones who used the cleaning gel reported a 59% reduction in gastro-intestinal infections”. In other words, diarrhoea for which the main culprit is the rotavirus.

However, the author points out that “water and soap are very effective in combating the proliferation of such infections. But they require access to a wash-hand basin. Cleaning gels are just as effective because of the alcohol they contain”. Alcohol? Be careful about photosensitivity, then, in other words the risk of sunburn in the case of exposure to even moderate sunlight.
Source: Pediatrics, September 2005

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