Family history and C-reactive protein: two risk factors which Pr Roger Blumenthal (Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, USA) wants to see added to the list of cardiovascular risk factors for menopausal women.

After the menopause, the existence of a family history of cardiovascular disease doubles the risk of a cardiovascular disease”, he says. As for the level of the C-reactive protein, “if it is higher than three milligrams per litre compared with the normal level, it is also synonymous with a doubling of the risk”.

This view is not shared by French cardiologists, in particular the Secretary General of the French Cardiology Society, Pr Jean-Yves Artigou. “Family history is indeed an indisputable risk factor for menopausal women”, he said to Destination Santé. “However, that is not true of the C-reactive protein, which indicates inflammation. It is currently being evaluated and its implication in the development of cardiovascular diseases must still be proven”.

At the moment in France, the risk factors sought during medical check-ups are age (over 65), high blood pressure, excess cholesterol, diabetes and smoking. According to Pr Jean-Yves Artigou, “menopause is also a risk factor”.

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