The Christmas period brings with it a whole range of traditions. These can be reassuring, comforting and unifying … but maybe you feel like having a break from routine? And a change from the traditional yule log cake which holds no surprises. If so, why not get some fresh inspiration this week at!

Tired of serving a yule log cake with meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but want to keep to the spirit of a chocolatey, chilled dessert? Why not try a frozen tiramisu? The classic recipe remains the same … the only difference is that you put the dish in the freezer rather than the fridge for 8 hours. And for a change from chocolate you could also try a raspberry-speculoos tiramisu or liven up your recipe with a sprinkling of cinnamon and some orange peel.

If you feel like a change from frozen desserts but still want to enjoy some chocolate, what about a chocolate and mascarpone roll, which is much lighter than a creamy yule log. They may require a little more preparation and care in terms of cooking time, but macaroons are also a favourite with guests … and you can choose to eat just one or more depending on appetite. They also offer a selection of flavours to suit everyone’s taste. To create a dessert dish with a chocolate theme, you could accompany your macaroons with a mini chocolate and ginger fondant and a small ganache and mandarin tartlet.

And, of course, seasonal fruit and nuts are ideal for cooked desserts. Examples include walnut tart, honey spiced pear on a semolina biscuit, figs stuffed with pear, almonds and honey, chestnut sundae with redcurrants and pears poached in wine and caramel.

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